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Tea Towel Clouds 100% Linen

Image of Tea Towel Clouds 100% Linen


"Clouds" is an original hand drawn image, by Sam Messina. Inspired by Japanese imagery, these clouds will help you float away while you do the dishes!

100% linen tea towel. Hand screen printed in Australia, using water-based, solvent free inks. 50 x 70cm (approx) this is a generously sized tea towel. Linen is the most absorbent fabric for drying your wet dishes, and lasts for many many years of kitchen duty.
Printed in brilliant blue. {Please contact us if you would like it in another colour}.

We've been told our tea towels are too beautiful to use, many of our customers frame them to look at on their walls. We say let's raise the mundane daily duties by using beautiful, handcrafted, lovingly designed items!

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